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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do I have to create a username and password at your site in order to place an order?
Answer:  You do NOT have to create a username and password at our site in order to place an order.  If you do decide to create a username and password then you will be able to view previous orders and totals. There will also be a reorder link available for you to click on.

Question:  Do I have to pay using PayPal?
Answer:  No.  If you would like to pay using a debit or credit card then add an iTunes gift card to your shopping cart and then choose the blue "Proceed to Checkout" tab.  Then fill in your billing information and for the shipping information click the "same as billing" box.  Then choose credit card as your payment option and click the blue "Checkout" tab.  You will then be directed to PayPal's website.  Choose the "Pay by debit or credit card" tab.  Then on the next page fill in the required fields.  After that choose the option that you would NOT like to create a PayPal account.  Then click the "Pay Now" tab.  The iTunes Gift card code will then be e-mailed to your shortly.

Question:  What e-mail address do you send my code(s) to?
Answer:  We normally send your code(s) to the same e-mail address that your PayPal payment comes from.  If you would like your code(s) sent to a different e-mail address then you can add this information when placing your order.

Question:  The prices on your site are in USD. Can I pay using a different currency?
Answer:  When you pay for your order PayPal will show your total in USD and it will then convert that total to the currency of the country that you live in. You can then pay in the currency of the country that you live in.

Question:  Once I place an order how long does it take you to e-mail my code(s)?
Answer:  Most e-mails our sent out within 30 minutes when we are awake.  However, we do have to sleep sometime so if you place an order while we are sleeping then it will take a little longer to e-mail your code(s).

Question:  I placed an order a while ago but I haven't received my code.  Do you know what the problem is?
Answer:  Every once in a while our e-mail will end up in your junk or spam folder so please check those folders if you can't find our e-mail.